She was born and raised in the south of Italy. One day in 1998, she took the train to Paris to partecipate in an international demonstration against the war in Kosovo. She’s been living in Paris since then. There, she discovered drama and street arts festivals, cinema, photography, music... She enrolled at Paris 8 University to study cinema and she completed her studies with a Master’s degree. Meanwhile she trained in creation of puppets, working regularly on various artistic projects such as the making of an animation film with articulated characters Kitsch Kong and the direction of a puppet workshop for the town of Paris.

After graduating as a film programmer, Valentina Valentini worked in various fields as video editor, cameraman, in charge of astronomy film collections at the Observatoire de Paris and then documentary movies on art at the Centre Pompidou.

During her free time, between two films, two editing, she continues making puppets.

One day in 2015, she decides to leave the professional world of cinema to dedicate herself entirely to the puppet arts. She joins the team of puppeteers of Manipulés du lundi at La Nef Manufacture d’Utopie, then goes to Naples to meet and train with Bruno Leone, before working with Diego Stirman for a year on the technical direction of his shows and the construction of latex puppets.

In 2017 she produces her first puppet show Imbroglio with the help of director Anne Carrard of Les Anges Mi-chus and of Diego Stirman’s scenographic design team.

In 2018 she joined the annual professional puppeteer training course provided by the Théâtre aux mains nues where she discovered the work of various artists such as Samuel Beck, Alice Laloy, Mathieu Enderlin, Claire Heggen...

Engagée par différentes compagnies et associations telles que le collectif Fokus, La Cie Cambalache, Môm’artre, Simon de Cyrène, l’Ecole Montessori, elle anime des puppet workshops pour personnes en situation de handicap, personnes âgées, enfants et familles.

In 2020 she created the show The Pulcinella’s song, inspired by the canvases of guarattelle, traditional Neapolitan puppet showses and is the artistic director of the puppet theatre company Les abougazelles cent têtes.

She is currently working on a new project based on the character of Pulcinella, supported by various organisations including the Théâtre aux mains nues and the Théâtre de la Halle Roublot. Théâtre aux mains nues et le Théâtre de la Halle Roublot. In all her shows she is a constructor, performer and director.

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