The Pulcinella’s song

Created in 2020 by and with Valentina Valentini.

Hand puppet shows from the Neapolitan tradition. Duration 40 minutes. From 3 years to 110 years old.


Pulcinella, pour conquérir sa fiancée Teresina, est déterminé à lui chanter une chanson. Mais divers personnages veulent l’en empêcher : son ennemi depuis toujours Don Pasquale, le chien, la mort, le policier, le prêtre et le bourreau. Le final est tragicomique et l’amour avec Pulcinella triomphe toujours !

Teaser La chanson de Pulcinella


Created in 2017 by and with Valentina Valentini

Puppet show, duration 15 minutes. From 3 years to 110 years old.


... She proudly carries her box, which she imagines light and empty. But surprise !!! From the bottom of the box a strange character who seems far from stupid is turning out. Stoic, the little man nishes his walk, he feels as if everyone were looking at him and then all of a sudden, an object appears. What is it? Is it this woman behind him who tries to trick him? but quickly a complicity settles in... and then another object appears and then another one... But our hero hasn’t found yet what he had been missing so badly...